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New Caledonia anti-independence parties squabble over referendum roll

10:44 am on 19 October 2019

The anti-independence Caledonia Together party has criticised the stance of the biggest anti-independence party over voter registration rules for next year's referendum on independence from France.

Caledonia Together party celebrates its tenth anniversary Photo: FB Caledonie Ensemble

In talks in Paris last week, the signatories to the Noumea Accord didn't endorse Caledonia Together's bid to have non-Kanak New Caledonian natives automatically registered on the restricted roll if they have lived in the territory for the past three years.

For last year's referendum, they were included.

The party says the Future in Confidence coalition, which is the dominant party in Congress, declined to give it support on the matter because it pushed for the referendum vote to be brought forward.

The plebiscite has to be held by early November next year but the Future with Confidence wanted to bring it forward to July, with negotiations settling on a date in either late August or early September.

In this year's provincial elections, the Caledonia Together party lost its standing as the top party to Future with Confidence.

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