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Small win for Hawaii protests, but no end in sight

14:15 pm on 17 July 2019

Hundreds of protesters in Hawaii are entering their third day of protest as they try to halt the construction of a giant telescope on the state's biggest mountain.

Photo: TMT International Observatory

Construction of the 30-metre, $US1.4-billion telescope on Mauna Kea was due to begin yesterday, but hundreds of people blocked the road leading up to the summit.

Many Native Hawaiians are opposed because the mountain's considered sacred, adding that astronomers working on the telescopes already there have trampled on their culture.

A journalist for Honolulu Civil Beat, Anita Hofschneider, said the protests had been peaceful, but show no sign of letting up.

"Even right now we're hearing that activists are prepared to block the road again and that they are anticipating hundreds of police officers to be heading up to the mountain. It seems as though every day there's a possibility for a confrontation."