Measles outbreak: 6 quarantined in Fiij

14:54 pm on 11 November 2019

Six people in Fiji have been quarantined in their homes as authorities contend with the Pacific's latest measles outbreak.

An illustration of the highly contagious measles virus. Photo: AFP / nobeastsofierce / Science Photo Library

The families in the Serua/Namosi subdivision, near Suva, have been isolated since the outbreak was confirmed four days ago, the Fiji Times reports.

One of them, Nancy Patricia, told the newspaper that she had been placed on medication and told not to leave her house since she was discharged from hospital.

Authorities are conducting a vaccination drive in the surrounding area, and are urging any travellers to get immunised before they leave the country.

The government said there had been no new cases since three instances of measles were confirmed last week.