Poland to assist Polish man charged with treason in Papua

11:51 am on 17 September 2018

Poland's Foreign Ministry says it is assisting a Polish man charged by Indonesia with treason and have asked to meet with him.

Jakub Skrzypski, a 39-year Polish citizen visiting Papua as a tourist, was arrested in Wamena in late August on suspicion of being a journalist. Photo: Facebook

Jakub Skrzypski was arrested in Wamena in Papua in late August on suspicion of being a journalist, in a case which has sparked outcry from human rights groups.

Indonesian police said Mr Skrzypski met with members of an armed pro-independence Papuan group and was involved in an ammunition deal.

Advocates said he was just a tourist, while Poland's Foreign Ministry is yet to be allowed to meet him.

The Ministry told media its embassy in Jakarta is mediating talks between Mr Skrzypski and the Indonesian police and is providing legal counsel and translators.

Media reports said Mr Skrzypski could face life imprisonment under charges of plotting treason against the state.