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Covid-19 data visualisations: NZ in numbers

10:12 am on 15 August 2023

*From 24 October Covid-19 data provided by the Ministry of Health switched from being updated daily to weekly.

Track the very latest Covid-19 data in New Zealand, with new charts on the current trends.

Covid-19 at a glance:

Who's catching Covid-19

This is a dynamic page intended to give insight into Covid-19 in New Zealand at the current time. Charts are altered, added and removed as the Ministry of Health changes which data it captures and reports and how it captures and reports it. RNZ also introduces new charts as different data becomes pertinent and removes charts that are no longer relevant or, for practical reasons, are no longer able to be updated.

At times, this page has included other charts, that have since been removed. You can read about them here.