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New research shows looks effect of domestic violence on PNG businesses

11:46 am on 3 December 2020

New research in Papua New Guinea aims to show businesses what they gain if a co-ordinated response to domestic violence is provided in the workplace.

Port Moresby CBD. Photo: RNZI / Koro Vaka'uta

The research is being done by the IFC - a part of the World Bank group - working with PNG's Business Coalition for Women.

The Coalition's Executive Director, Evonne Kennedy, said the study was prompted by a jump in gender violence cases globally during the pandemic and subsequent curbs on support that happened during the lockdown.

She said in PNG people have lost jobs or are being forced to work from home and this could increase the risk of gender violence occurring.

"And puts a lot of pressure on those that are still in the workforce and might be going through family or sexual violence but might not necessarily want to put their hand up to say they are going through an issue, and fears of reprisals around losing work, so I think those kinds of financial pressure are there."

Kennedy said earlier work on the issue by the IFC and the Coalition saw businesses implementing measures to deal with domestic violence within the workplace and the setting up of a safe house in Port Moresby.