New Zealand

Man convicted for sharing mosque shooting footage loses second appeal

18:15 pm on 28 November 2019

A white supremacist who was convicted of sharing the Christchurch mosque shooting video has lost his second appeal against his sentence.

Philip Arps Photo: Pool / Stuff

Philip Neville Arps was jailed for 21 months in June for distributing the live-streamed video of the March attack.

Arps' first appeal was denied in August; at the same time the Crown accused him of sending letters of a violent nature from prison.

His second attempt at appeal was heard in the Court of Appeal last week.

It has released its decision - dismissing it.

The court said the sentence was not manifestly excessive.

"The video footage distributed by Mr Arps was very disturbing. Judge O'Driscoll characterised it as being at the 'high end of the scale of extreme violence or cruelty' of objectionable material. We agree with that assessment."

It said Arps' lack of remorse and prospect of rehabilitation "is a troubling feature of his case".

"Arps' offending was particularly insensitive as he distributed the video within about 24 hours of the attack on the mosques, at a time when many members of the victims' families were waiting to learn the fate of their loved ones."