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Two children thought to have measles in American Samoa

16:13 pm on 12 November 2019

Health authorities in American Samoa say two children visiting from neighbouring Samoa are suspected of having measles and are in hospital care.

Photo: 123rf

Physician Saipale Fuimaono has told KHJ News that blood samples from the two are being sent to Hawaii for testing, with results expected in a few days.

Dr Fuimaono said to prevent any spread of what the children had, the family where the children were staying was being monitored.

Although there are claims on social media that there are measles cases in the territory, Dr Fuimaono said none had been confirmed.

Meanwhile, the total number of suspected measles cases in Samoa is 513, with results still pending from an Australian laboratory regarding the recent deaths of two infants and an adult male, who showed clinical signs of the disease.

Vaccination and quarantining as well as infection control measures at the hospital are all being co-ordinated by the Health Ministry, which is working closely with the World Health Organisation, UNICEF, the New Zealand government and an Australian medical laboratory to contain the epidemic.

A measles epidemic was declared in Samoa last month.