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New Caledonia anti-independence party calls for unity

11:44 am on 24 October 2019

A new political party in New Caledonia has called for unity within the anti-independence camp.

Photo: Facebook/ Generations NC

Generations NC, which was formed after this year's provincial elections, has expressed regret at the lack of coordination within the movement.

It also regrets a recent comment by the veteran anti-independence politician Pierre Frogier to divest powers to the provinces by doing away with the government.

As a new independence referendum is due next year, Generations NC said those opposed to independence should join forces and work towards a French New Caledonia of the 21st century.

The party is led by former minister Nicolas Metzdorf, who was the spokesperson of the previous government.

He fell out with his Caledonia Together party, when he refused to follow a party directive to vote with the pro-independence side during the election of the government of the southern province.

Generations NC wants to contest next year's municipal elections.